Weibang Virtue 53PRO BBC (WGMP57)

£1,124.17 Excluding VAT


The Virtue 53 Pro BBC is a professional quality 53 cm lawnmower with blade brake clutch. The aluminium cutter deck offers durability and resistance against corrosion, with variable speed power drive and cutting height adjustment from 25 – 76mm. Powered by a quality Kawasaki FJ180 engine.

Product Features

Kawasaki Engines – With Kawasakis proven engines, high performance, excellent design, guaranteed low noise and vibration as well as a high degree of operational comfort come as standard.

Aluminium Deck – This product features a heavy duty, corrosion resistant Aluminium deck, specifically for heavy duty users.

Anti-Vibration Points – This machine has been fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.

Blade Brake Clutch – The Blade Brake Clutch disengages the drive to the blade as the operator releases the safety handle, therefore enabling the operator to leave the engine running, but unattended without the blade rotating.

Variable-speed transmission – This machine is fitted with a variable-speed gearbox allowing the operator to both reduce and increase the forward speed of the machine to match the cutting conditions.


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