Aspen is available as a pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel and 4-stroke fuel is suitable for strimmers to model cars and lawnmowers to camping stoves


Alkylate petrol = environmental petrol

What we refer to in everyday language as environmental petrol is alkylate petrol. The name comes from the word alkylation, which is the name of the process used to extract the raw product.

From gas to liquid

The alkylation process takes place at oil refineries through surplus gases from the crude oil distillation and cracking plant being mixed. The result is a liquid (alkylate) which is the purest extractable petroleum product. The alkylate is then mixed with a number of other components and we now have a finished product – the Aspen alyklate petrol, ready to be used in most small engines.

Better for your health, the engine and our environment

When you use Aspen environmental petrol, you avoid dangerous substances such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, substances that can cause serious health problems. The engine is also treated more kindly, for example, the spark plug and combustion chamber are kept cleaner. As Aspen is also ethanol free, the petrol can be stored safely and even after long periods of no use, your engine starts without any problems if your tank has been filled with Aspen environmental petrol. Environmentally, there are numerous benefits, e.g. the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) is reduced by more than 50%.

Maximum efficiency

Small engines are often uncomplicated and are technically simple engines with less than optimal combustion rates. This means that much of the fuel escapes unused. This, in turn, has a negative impact on both the environment and you, the user. The following machines benefit from Aspen environmental petrol: Lawn mowers, grass trimmers, rotavators, outboards, chainsaws, brushcutters, generators and motorcycles.

With or without oil

There are two main variations of our petrol: Aspen 2 and Aspen 4: Aspen 2 is a ready-mixed petrol with 2 % fully synthetic two-stroke oil. Aspen 2 is used for all two-stroke engines except outboards, which need the addition of a special outboard oil. Aspen 4 is not mixed and is used in four-stroke engines and two-stroke engines with separate lubrication.

Why should I use Aspen 2 in my chainsaw instead of regular fuel?

Simplicity/Money saving

  • Aspen 2 FRT is a ready mixed at 50:1 fully synthetic 2 stroke oil. This means that the fuel is ready to be poured straight into the machine with no risk of damage. Using pump fuel in your chainsaw requires you to mix the oil ratio correctly and this can be a costly mistake, should you get it wrong.
  • Long shelf life – unlike pump fuel which deteriorates in quality after 30 days, Aspen fuels will last for up to 5 years and can happily be left in the machine through winter storage, without any risk of damage to the machine or difficulties starting when it is time to use it again.

User Health

  • Aspen fuels are made using much safer and cleaner components compared to pump fuels (see link) this means that the emissions from your chainsaw are dramatically reduced and working with your machine is much more pleasant.
  • Users of Aspen report being able to work longer, have less headaches, fewer sore throats, no dizziness and are not left feeling sick after using their machines whilst running on Aspen, compared to pump fuel.

Aspen 2-stroke FRT is suitable for all 2-stroke garden machinery and much more! It is ideal for long term storage.


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