Kersten Attachments

Take a look below at the attachments available and which machines they fit. Kersten offers the whole spectrum for the area maintenance: various devices for the cleansing of the weeds, for the winter maintenance, the sweeping of surfaces, mowing and mulching, for the cultivation of the soil and the removal of leaves. Kersten is one of the leading providers for site maintenance equipment.

Front Sweeping Machine

Front Sweeping Machine

Kersten sweepers have been specifically designed to remove soil and heavy debris on hard surfaces. This is achieved by several very important design features that are not typically found on other sweepers.
The brush – We use 5 spiral rows of bristles on our roller brush. The gaps between the rows provide space for movement of larger volumes of heavy debris. The spiral pattern allows pressure to be applied across a narrow section of the brush rather than the full width. Less power is required to move heavy material at this point, than across the whole brush at once, so the brush can tackle much heavier material than other brushes.

EFKM 09032 H-K 35 90cm – Fits K820, K820 Pro & K1500

EFKM 10037 H-KU 70 100cm  – Fits K2100

EFKM 90 DE-MOSS 90cm – Fits K2100

EFKM 10037 M-MU 70 100cm – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

EFKM 12537 M-MU 70 125cm – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Reciprocating Brush

The powered oscillating brush is equally effective on natural and synthetic turf for sports field, golf course, and amenity maintenance.
Brushing is necessary to evenly distribute top dressing and remove excess material on natural turf and on synthetic surfaces, keeping infill loose and even to prevent surface compaction. The versatile reciprocating brush can perform all of these tasks.

RPB 100 – Fits K2100

Reciprocating Brush

Wide Area Brush

Wide Area Brush – 2.5M

Our uniquely designed Static Brushes are ideal for regular maintenance of artificial grass surfaces. Incorporating a 2.5m set of stiff brushes, which fold up to fit through single gates. The design puts pressure across the whole brush, to effectively re-distribute the surface infill and stand up the grass pile.

KRB 250 KU 35 – Fits K820, K820 Pro & K1500

KRB 250 KU 70 – Fits K2100

KRB 250 M-U 70 – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16


Weed Brush

When moss and weeds become established on hard surfaces they are difficult to remove with a sweeper. For this application we have made the Weedbrush. Kersten Weedbrushes have been designed to quickly remove weeds and moss, along with the soil they grow in from hard surfaces like tarmac and block paving. We achieve this with several features not typically found on other Weedbrushes.

WKB-H-K35-820 – Fits K820 & K820 Pro

WKB-H-K35-1500 – Fits K1500

WKB-H-K70-2100 – Fits K2100

WKB 60 M-U 70 – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Weed Brush

HOAF ThermHit

HOAF ThermHit

The Hoaf Infra Plus System uses infrared radiation in combination with hot air. By exposing the unwanted vegetation to this process, the proteins in the weeds congeal and the moisture cells burst open at about 80°C. As a result the vegetation starts wilting and dies.

TWB 75K – K820Pro – Fits K820 Pro

TWB 75K K1500 – Fits K1500

TWB 75K K2100 – Fits K2100

TWB 75K – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16


Leaf Blower

Mechanically driven light weight unit supplied with fixed outlet and 90 degree adaptor

  • Low noise emission turbine
  • Aluminium impeller
  • Turbine housing PE plastic (PE)- May be rotated to adjust outlet position
  • Effective operating width about 8 metres
  • 2 wheels 260 x 85 mm
  • Air output 85 m³/min


LBV5100 M-ABF – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

LBV6900 M-ABF – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Leaf Blower

Sulky Seat

Sulky Seat

This can be useful in open areas with even surfaces, such as football pitches and tennis courts. The upholstered armchair is covered with plastic – and therefore insensitive to dirt and water. The sitting position can be adjusted in different ways using the drawbar and the seat attachment.

SULK-SWH – Trailing Sulky Seat Including Bracket – Fits K820, K820 Pro, K1500 & K2100

Gravel Path Renovator

Gravel is a tricky surface to maintain because the open surface allows detritus to enter. In order to keep it looking attractive, weeds and the organic material in which they are growing must be removed and good drainage should be encouraged by de-compacting the surface. This will enhance the appearance of the surface, reduce future weed and moss infestations as well as improving the safety of users.

WE 090 M-U 70 – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Gravel Path Renovator



The Seeder works in conjunction with our power harrow attachment, allowing you to simultaneously cultivate and plant. The seeds can be easily loaded into the generous 57 litre hopper and dropped behind the harrow onto the freshly prepared soil. The rate of seeding can be finely adjusted using the setting lever.

ASS 090 – Fits UBS Hydro 13, UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Hydro Alpin

Power Harrow

The power harrow attachment allows the soil to be prepared for seeding. The depth of action can be finely adjusted to achieve soil preparation to the correct depth. The power harrow leaves a fine, consistent soil ready for seeding.

KE 075 M-U 70 – 75cm – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

KE 090 M-U 70 – 90cm – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

KE 100 M-U 70 – 100cm – Fits UBS Hydro 13, UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

KE 125 M-U 70 – 125cm – Fits UBS Alpin

Power Harrow

Knife Mower

Knife Mower

The reprocating knife mowers are ideal for conservation as they provide minimal disturbance to the ecology of the grass surface. The reciprocating knives cut at the base of the plant, leaving the whole crop above this point intact. This makes it easy to rake up for baling and keeps seed heads mostly intact, which is good for propagation of wild flower meadows.

DOME 090 H-K35 – 90cm – Fits K820, K820 Pro & K1500

DOME 090 H-K70 – 90cm – Fits K2100

DOME 125 M-U 70 – 125cm –  Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

DOME 140 M-U 70 – 140cm – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

DOME 170 M-U 70 – 170cm – Fits UBS Hydro 13, UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

Flail Mower

The Zanon TSM flail mower is the ultimate companion for lighter duty, fast and efficient flail mowing. The Y-type steel knives, set in a spiral pattern achieve a great finish on grass and are capable of handling
material up to 3cm in diameter.

The SCHLM flail mower is the Kersten flail deck. Its heavy duty design allows it to achieve a great finish through dense material up to 5cm in diameter. With a dynamically balanced motor, which greatly reduces the noise and vibration. This flail is extremely capable and comfortable to use.

TSM 600 – Fits UBS Hydro 9

TSM 900 – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

TSM 1100 – UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

SCHLM 65 M-U 70 – 65cm – UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

SCHLM 90 M-U 70 – 90cm – Fits UBS Hydro 16

SCHLM 100 M-U 70 – 100cm – Fits UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

SCHLM 120 M-U 70 – 120cm – Fits UBS Alpin

Flail Mower

Rotary Mower

Rotary Mower

The ZRA is a professional side discharge rotary mower for the care and maintenance of lawns in parks and gardens. The ZRA features a double height adjustment system that ensures a perfect, uniform cut. It features
an oil bath gearbox with freewheel and safety key for efficient operation -greatly reducing down time from common wearing items like belts. The ZRA is fitted with swing tip blades that will protect the mower if logs or other impediments are struck during mowing.

ZRA 800 – Fits UBS Hydro 9 & UBS Hydro 13

ZRA 1000 – Fits UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Drum Mower

The Kersten drum mower is a great choice for conservation areas and mowing where the whole crop is to be left intact. A drum mower is a far quicker machine than the reciprocating knife mower, so is more suited to larger areas of grass. The drum mower provides more disturbance to the ecology than a knife mower, but still cuts the grass at the base, leaving the whole crop above this point intact for baling.

KRM 082 M-U 70 – 82cm – Fits UBS Hydro 16

KRM 102 M-U 70 – 102cm – Fits UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

KRM 115 M-U 70 – 115cm – Fits UBS Alpin


Drum Mower

Cylinder Mower 

Cylinder Mower

Cylinder lawn mowers give a fantastic finish; they cut the grass very cleanly compared to a rotary mower, resulting in a quicker recovery time and healthier grass.

CM 976 MULTIH-K70 – 70cm – Fits K2100

Snow Blower

The SCHNFR series snow blower is the ultimate tool for clearing big drifts of snow. The two stage blower uses aggressive rotary teeth in the first stage, to break up snow and ice, then a fan in the second stage to propel the snow through the chute.

SCHNFR60 – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13, UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

SCHNFR80 – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13, UBS Hydro 16 & UBS Alpin

Snow Blower

Snow Plough

Snow Plough

The snow plough is a straight blade with a sprung “break-back” system that allows it to ride over obstacles such as drain covers or speed bumps. The plough can be positioned for ploughing forward or can be angled to the left and right. You might also consider clearing light snow with the sweeper.

SCHN 100 ST-K 35 – 100cm – Fits K820, K820 Pro & K1500

SCHN 100 FK-MS-KU 70 – 100cm – Fits K2100

SCHN 125 FK-MS-KU 70 – 125cm – Fits K2100

SCHN 100 FK-M-KU 70 100cm – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

SCHN 125 FK-M-KU 70 125cm – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16

Gritter/ Spreader

A Hydraulic or Mechanical drive salt spreader can be purchased to suit either the K series or the UBS series respectively, which can carry up to 70 litres of salt. The spreader is fitted with a mesh for breaking up large clumps of salt before they go through the machine. A special agitator has been designed to deal with damp salt, using a chain to break up the material. Guards allow the spread width to be adjusted to suit the application

SLDST 70K 35 – Fits K820, K820 Pro & K1500

SLDST 70H-K 70 – Fits K2100

SLDST 70 M-U 70 – Fits UBS Hydro 9, UBS Hydro 13 & UBS Hydro 16


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